Methodist Cross and Flame                 Reconciling Methodists    
       Morningside United Methodist Church

Reverend Wendy Joy Woodworth, Pastor

Our Vision of Faith: "We are all God's people!
We are called by Christ to ministries of love, justice, and reconciliation
to our church, community and world!"

New Roads                                                          Worship Services


Contemporary 9:00 AM; Traditional 11:00 AM

Photo Album                                         Adult Sunday Studies 10:00 AM  

Accessibility      Handicapable                             Sunday School 11:15 AM

New Roads 

 Worship and Study Themes for our Year-long Quest

Part l: Alive in the Story of Creation           
October 26, It’s Not Too Late, Genesis 18: 9-33, 22: 1-4

MorningSide UMCAs members of the Reconciling Ministries Network we at Morningside United Methodist Church
                       believe that God loves all people. Because we are followers of Christ we welcome all, including,
                       but not limited to, persons of every race, nationality, age, gender, social condition, ability,
                       marital status, gender identity and sexual orientation in to full participation of our congregation.

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